Team outings are back!

By Jane July 20, 2019

It was 2:30pm on a Monday. I was sitting on a boat next to Stacia and Jasper. We were all putting on sunscreen. I had a frisbee in my bag, not a laptop. I was NOT in a Clover restaurant. None of us (us = most of our general managers, kitchen managers, and corporate staff) were in a Clover restaurant!!

Team outings are coming back!! They have been scarce for the past couple years, because we didn’t really have someone dedicated to making them a reality. The last one happened LAST SUMMER (I actually planned it, kind of last minute – we went to Flat Top Johnny’s to play pool). The one before that… can’t remember. Possibly even as far back as last-last summer.

I’m glad they’re back (thank you to Maureen for kickstarting this)! Everyone works so hard here, especially our GMs & kitchen managers.

We took a quick ferry ride to Spectacle Island, and spent an afternoon enjoying the sunshine, throwing frisbees, flying kites, and eating snacks (yes they were Clover snacks – yes they tasted even better on an island under a gazebo). Maureen organized a Bottle Bash tournament (aka Pole-ish Horseshoes, if you learned the game in college like I did), and there were some pretty epic games. She’s going to start organizing these more frequently. What should we do next time? (Must be in the Boston/Cambridge area, and good for a group of 20-30 people)

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