We’re opening a restaurant in the Back Bay

By ayr August 6, 2019

I’m really excited to announce that we’re opening our next restaurant at 565 Boylston St., directly across from Copley Square.

I’ve wanted to be in the Back Bay for a long long time. We were counting the other day and I think we have more than 1,200 requests from Back Bay folks over the years. Forgive us for the long wait!

The site we’re opening used to the Globe restaurant. The landlord is Community Church of Boston. They approached us way back in 2015 about opening a Clover there. I loved the site (and the landlord) but didn’t like the rent.

Minigrow (the express version of Honeygrow, a fast casual chain from Philadelphia) came in, signed on for the large rent, and operated at the site for a little less than a year. We’re taking over their lease.

We are super excited about this site. We just took possession. Construction is starting up. We’re going to try to get up and running ASAP. Thankfully Minigrow did a really great build and there is a lot in place we can use.

Keep an eye here for lots more in the near future. I’ll post plans, schedule, problems (we haven’t had any yet but I’ve never built a restaurant without problems), video tours, and other fun stuff. Yeah Back Bay!!!

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