Do they have baby name books for this?

By Lucia August 9, 2019

Have you sneaked a peek? We’re opening a new restaurant at 565 Boylston in the Back Bay.

Ever since we opened the second-ever Clover food truck in Dewey Square, and needed to distinguish it from the first food truck at MIT, we’ve added 3 letters to the word Clover. Usually these were based on the T-stop near the location, or the first three letters of the neighborhood, but sometimes they were a nod to the purpose of the location (CloverHUB was meant to be the hub of all things Clover.)

We’ve been having some pretty heated fights about what to call this Clover. Not since the ill-fated Assembly Row truck has there been such bitter arguments over what to name our newest baby : )

It seems like every name we suggest has… something…weird about it. Jane and I have been blissfully calling it CloverBOY. Greg is not so sure about that. Other ideas have included CloverCOP for Copley, CloverBBY for Back Bay, and CloverBAY for Bay.

Do any of you have any better ideas?

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