Corn is actually in season now

By Lucia August 15, 2019

Ayr created a bit of a commotion when he posted about corn not being in season in June.

Here is a friendly reminder that corn is now in season in MA, about 2 months later. We’re getting all our corn from Steve Verrill in Concord, MA (thanks to them for this pic). We love buying local corn because it tastes and smells so sweet. It’s better for the planet, too, since it’s not trucked or flown in from faraway.

You can find it at Clover in our sweet corn chowder, and as a topping on the Zucchini Sandwich. You may see it in salads, too. My favorite thing to do with corn? This recipe comes from a salad we used to make here. Grab 4 ears of local corn. Shuck them. Place an ear over a bowl, hold the top in one hand, and using a sharp knife, cut downwards from top to bottom, so that the kernels fall into the bowl. Drizzle with plenty of olive oil and rice wine vinegar. Get some scallions or green onions. Dice up a few. Stir into the salad and serve immediately.

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