George don’t hate me. I’m making an alt-milk bar

By ayr August 15, 2019

Yesterday I was sitting in Acton with George Howell at his roasting facility. I told him about my new idea: ALT-MILK BAR. Clover will get a bunch of milk-drinks: chai, hot chocolate, pourover lattes, shaken iced lattes. All estate coffee (of course). And all non-dairy milk (we’ve been making our own in-house and it’s killer but we like Oatly too).

Many milky drinks. No cows milky.

George wrinkles his face. I knew he’d hate the idea. And that 60% of coffee at Clover Food Lab is sold black. Nobody sells more black coffee than Clover. We’re like a super hardcore insiders coffee shop that’s not a coffee shop.

George describes commodity coffee as a destructive force. He wants to see a world where farmers make more money, are paid to take care of the land, and are rewarded when they do all of the hard things to grow very special coffee. I’m sold. No argument. It’s why 100% of our coffee is estate sourced. It’s why we do pour over not espresso.

So how does the alt-milk fit? I’m hoping it’s a gateway for new customers. Could I be wrong? Oh man… I’ve been wrong so many times. We’ll just have to see how it plays out. In the meantime the black coffee isn’t going anywhere.

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