5% of you really care about this. But 100% of us should.

By ayr September 5, 2019

Pictured: Stacia. My favorite vegan. Happy about the Just Mayo.

Just Mayo is back.

Yes. It’s back.

We moved to Just Mayo years ago. And when we did a bunch of our food turned vegan overnight. We think it tastes better than Hellmans.

The company that makes Just Mayo (“Just” that’s their name) yanked it from distribution earlier this year. It happened suddenly and left us scrambling and many of our customers frustrated. A bunch of our menu turned non-vegan overnight.

Finally, after months and months of vague promises we finally have the Just in house. We’re staging the change. Today many of our restaurant have Just in house. Within a few days everything will be Just. If you’ve been missing out on some of your favorite Clover items come on back and give them a try.

Why Just Mayo? It tastes great. It has a much better carbon footprint than egg-based mayo. And guess what? No factory farmed chickens involved.

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