Free coffee to (not fossil) fuel your climate strike walkout on 9/20

By Lucia September 16, 2019

Everyone knows Clover was started as a project to address climate change. Ok, nope, that’s a lie. I think very few people know this. Part of that has been intentional. People do not choose where to eat lunch based on their beliefs about the environment. And the link between meat production and climate change is a hard fact to swallow. Not everyone shares the same beliefs and we’ve tried really hard not to turn anyone off.

So we have focused on making Clover a tasty, convenient, inspiring alternative to a meat meal. Food is this beautiful thing that everyone can experience. And you can reset 3 times a day. You can choose to eat a chickpea fritter instead of a burger, while being totally blind to the fact that your decision helps the planet. So we’ve been quiet. We’ve hidden environmental messages deep within our website, or in 10-point font on the sides of our paper bags, or as a little pop-up messages on our app.

I was in Europe two weeks ago for my friend’s wedding. I kept seeing this hourglass stenciled everywhere. This one was on the steps of Sacre Coeur. I didn’t know what it was for. Then my friend and Clover customer Nadja texted our friend group chat about a global climate strike on 9/20. She said it’s going to be a big deal and her company (a cool science website) was going to participate. The climate strike was started by students and has spread to big and small corporations alike. Patagonia is taking a stand. People are mad that Amazon is NOT taking a stand. The point is that companies who have not made the environment a priority are going to hurt the youngest generation in a few years when things reach the point of no return.

I wrote to our team wondering if we would want to be a part of this, and everyone was excited. Greg suggested we make lots of coffee and give it away to folks who are walking out.

On 9/20, folks will be marching to the State House as part of the Global Climate Strike. If you’re walking out or thinking of walking out, maybe we can fuel your journey. Stop at CloverDTX (27 School St) on your way there or on your way home. Your George Howell iced coffee will be on us. No need to buy anything else, just tell us you’re part of the climate strike. It’ll be honor code, no proof necessary (although you can show us a selfie at the march, that would be fun!) and one coffee per person. This giveaway will be in-person only, not on the app, and will be valid from open to close, while supplies last.

Recently we’ve been having discussions about whether we might want to be more open about our environmental mission. What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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