We hired a PR firm

By Lucia September 27, 2019

We’ve got some exciting stuff in the works this fall/winter (more on that later), and we felt it was time to think more seriously about PR.

We interviewed around 10 firms, narrowed the list down to 3, and asked each of those 3 to put together proposals of what they would do if we worked together. Then we had in-person meetings with the finalists. We’ve decided to work with Bread & Butter, a national agency with offices in NY (where I snapped this pic). I had heard good things from friends in the industry. We loved their proposal. For a firm who hadn’t yet “won” our account, they put together a super specific package.

We’ve been VERY hesitant about PR in the past. In our 10+ years of operating, we’ve only worked with a PR agency once, back when we expanded into the suburbs in 2012/2013. We’re so used to doing everything on our own. We’re so DIY it can be dizzying sometimes. But we’ve realized that we might stand to benefit from some of the stuff that PR can bring, mostly connections with national press and recommendations about how to get the word out about Clover to folks in Boston and beyond, who might be hesitant about trying us.

We’re signing paperwork this week and will start working with them in October.

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