By Lucia September 28, 2019

We’ve been trying to figure out “retail.” We made some kits that you can take home and make Clover stuff. One of them is popovers! If you haven’t had a popover yet, stop by at breakfast. They’re an eggy, flaky pastry that is considered by some to be the “first American pastry.” We’ve been baking them ever since the first food truck.

The kits have been slowly disappearing from our shelves, and we’ve been starting to hear stories about popover exploits at home. Fabricio shared this note a few weeks back.

Margo is our best top notch most popular CloverDTX regular! And.. she has an adorable family!! 

Margo brought a Clover popover mix home for a Saturday morning project with her nieces. She said it was so much fun that it’s becoming a Saturday morning ritual. 
Fun Fact: Margo has her nieces read the directions, and when it comes to step #2 “Crack eggs into bowl. Whisk the eggs vigorously until eggs are homogenized” the girls love to say homogenized in a synchronized excited tone. Isn’t that fun?!! 
If you live far from a Clover, but want to homogenize some eggs and try your hand at some fluffy popovers, we have the kits for sale online now! 
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