A sandwich worth sneaking for?

By Jane October 1, 2019

That first photo is a screenshot from last week’s Instagram story. A bit blurry, but the memory is worth the blurriness! Last week at Food Dev, we got to taste another sandwich from Chris S (creator of the Nashville Hot and of our corn chowder). It was inspired by a Vietnamese bánh mì & Taiwanese flavors – mushroom/tofu paté, pickled veggie + Thai basil slaw, sriracha mayo, and 3-cup rutabaga (a marinade made with soy sauce, rice wine vin, and sesame oil). SO good.

After he served all of us, he moved the ingredients to the side and we moved on to a new subject. But then everyone started sneaking over and dipping their spoons into the ingredients. Look, there goes Stacia!

Food Dev is open to everyone, customers, staff, farmers, suppliers. You can sign up for next week’s meeting here (Tuesdays, 3pm, CloverHUB in East Cambridge). We’ve also started posting them on our Instagram story each week which I think has been a big hit.

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