Burning carrots

By Lucia November 6, 2019

Our carrot sandwich/Paul’s take on Buffalo Chicken is back. It’ll show up on the menu today at lunch if you’re on the Clover app, Thursday if not.

We are using the first delivery of carrots from Michael Docter at Winter Moon Roots. These are straight out of the ground and haven’t been stored in the famous barn yet.

We do a fun technique on the carrots. First, we roast them for around an hour. Then we cut them in chunks and fry them really quickly to warm them up and get the outer edges crispy. Then they go into the sandwich with feta sauce, cabbage slaw, crisp farro and a carrot-habanero sauce.

Olivia (Food Dev) was adjusting the recipe today because these first-pick carrots are so sweet that they were burning at last year’s fry time of 3 minutes. We needed to lower the fry time on them to a little over 1 minute.

When we switch to storage carrots later in the season, we might have to assess the fry time again.

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