Let the bletting begin (year 3!)

By Jane November 8, 2019

Chris sent this picture to Ayr & me on Tuesday. Medlars are in the house!! This winter we’ll have medlar jam & the Medlar Sandwich for the 3rd year in a row!

The medlars have already arrived because they need to “blet” before we can do anything with them. It’s a weird word I’d never heard of before – basically means to ripen/overripen/ferment.

There are so many cool things happening in the kitchen right now. If Chris keeps sending me pictures, I’ll try to keep everyone updated here.

Do the words “medlar” and “bletting” sound like gibberish to you? Take a dive into our blog archives to learn more about this crazy fruit we found in 2017! (PS I didn’t realize Ayr used almost this exact blog post title last year…)

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