Paw paw custard

By Jane November 13, 2019

PSA – it is HERE (but probably not for long).

Ayr made paw paw custard for the first time last year – it’s a perfect way to use up the last of our paw paws. An extremely limited quantity are hitting most stores today. Check the retail fridge – and hurry!! There are fewer than 70 TOTAL jars of this stuff.

Last year it sold out so quickly that I didn’t even get a chance to taste it… this year I was more lucky and got to have a few bites while Chris was developing the recipe. It’s. So. Good. Buttery brown sugar oat crumble, light and fluffy white chocolate/paw paw mousse, creamy paw paw custard. Wow.

Why custard?¬†Ayr has always described the texture of paw paws as custard-y. So last year he decided to actually make it into custard! Yesterday at food dev he explained that custard is an approachable way to introduce folks to an unfamiliar fruit. The flavor of the custard is very true to the paw paw itself while still being familiar and dessert-y in texture. And because it’s served in this familiar, understandable way, you can really focus on the taste – separate from processing factors about the raw fruit like smell, texture, look, feel, etc. It’s the same reason we serve a lot of different fruit/veggie-flavored sodas.

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