When will Clover Boylston open?

By ayr November 17, 2019

I’ve been working harder than I have in years. And yet I feel like I’m failing daily. One of the things I’ve been terrible at is getting regular stories shared on the website. It’s been one of the perverse mechanics of building Clover. When the most exciting stuff is happening I spend the least amount of time documenting/ sharing.

To bring you all up to speed:

  • We’re building a new restaurant at 565 Boylston St., Boston across from Copley Square
  • It’s going to be called CloverBBY internally (a customer suggested CloverBBY because they thought we could say “Clover Back Bay Baby!” and I thought that was fun…)
  • Our opening date is firm now: Tuesday, 12/10/2019
  • Opening activities will include a preview for app customers prior to the grand opening, and a “pay what you want” day on 12/10/19 where proceeds go to a scholarship fund for young farmers. More details on this to come
  • We’re substantially complete with construction, but permitting is going to take a long time, hence the opening date that is 3 weeks out

The photo above was taken last week. It shows the “cloud” light fixtures going in. This will be an evolution of what you can find at CloverFIN (160 Federal St., Boston) and CloverHFI (Central Square, Cambridge).

I have been concerned about how this restaurant will come together. We took some big risks in the design. Sometimes it’s hard to know if what you draw up on paper will come to life the way you hope and imagine. I’m really happy with the way this restaurant is coming out. I think it might be beautiful.

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