Come and get a free King Brussels Sticker!

By Lucia November 18, 2019

Courtesy of King Brussels himself, and with a little help from Alana (sp?) at Brattle Square Optical.

We ordered a couple thousand of these really pretty oversized laptop stickers from Sticker Mule, but they never showed up to the HUB. Chris and the team were tearing apart the HUB looking. Later we realized that they’d been sent to 1075 Massachusetts Avenue and not 1075 Cambridge Street. Argh!! (Our fault, not Sticker Mule’s)

1075 Massachusetts Avenue is a high-rise apartment building next to an optical shop. We called the optical shop, and spoke to a kind woman who walked over to the apartment building and there our stickers were, waiting for us under a pile of other packages. Phew. That pic represents like $800 in stickers!

We’ll be giving these out free to all customers while they last. Ask us if you don’t get one automatically. You don’t even need to order something brussel-y.

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