Medlar sandwich coming back for one week only!

By Lucia December 3, 2019

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me: one medlar bletting!

Ok, that was never a lyric in the carol, but our medlars have been bletting away, and now they’re soft and sweet, ready to turn into medlar jam! The jam is rich and dark, kind of has an appley-winey thing going on. Very festive for this time of year.

And the medlar itself is sort of a miraculous fruit: what other fruit do you know that comes into season in the bitterly cold winter? In fact, the whole sandwich is an homage to things you can get in New England this time of year: parsnips, cheddar, kale.

We’re going to do app-only tomorrow at lunchtime, and launch everywhere on Thursday. We only have a week’s worth of jam so get out and try it at least once.

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