New logos on glass

By Lucia December 26, 2019

When we took over the space occupied by Minigrow, we noticed the top third of the glass was totally blacked out. It had a Pac-Man on it with the words MEAL COMPLETE as you exit.

You know we’d never let something cover up glass if we could help it, even a sweet little Pac-Man. So we decided to reveal all the glass and float our logos on top. The logos are made of painted acrylic and are adhered to the exterior of the glass, with an exact opposite cut out of vinyl, adhered to the interior (so you can’t see the little adhesive strips)!

This is the first time we’re seeing the new logos we worked on with Perky Brothers. You’ll notice a few changes from our old logo.

1.) We added the words FOOD LAB.

2.) We have an icon now. Any guesses what it is supposed to be?

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