Penultimate bite melancholia

By Lucia January 13, 2020

A customer wrote this review on Yelp the other week. Rob, who manages our Burlington location, passed it along. Wow. Wondering how we can encourage more of this type of experience…

I thought the Chickpea Fritter sandwich was the best thing ever. I just had the Pushpir. Wow! I think it’s the tamarind sauce that puts it into overdrive, but I actually got PBM* while I ate this thing.

*Penultimate Bite Melancholia (PBM) is that sad feeling that comes on as you take the second to last bite of something so unbelievably good that you get sad as it dawns on you that the next bite is your last bite.

We’re going to keep the Pushpir around for a little while longer than usual, so if you haven’t had it yet, give it a try and let us know if it measures up (feel free to write into the website, talk to us in person, or post your own Yelp review!)

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