How does a jalapeño popper become a sandwich?

By Lucia January 15, 2020

In 2015 Paul and Bryan started talking about inventing a jalapeño popper sandwich. We were all skeptical.

At that time Bryan was running CloverKND and Paul had been my intern and was running our Whole Foods account. They both grew up on the South Shore, going to a tavern in West Bridgewater called The Charlie Horse where they served jalapeño poppers (basically a breaded, fried jalapeño that has been stuffed with cheese.) You don’t really see these too often in Massachusetts. Fun fact: in Texas they are called armadillo eggs, no idea why.

We couldn’t just make some jalapeño poppers and stuff them into a pita, so instead we borrowed bits and pieces. The jalapeños find their way into a cream cheese spread that we whip til it’s super smooth. We get cremini mushrooms from Rhode Island Mushroom Co, fry them, and dip them, still hot, into a glaze made from VT honey and Sriracha. To offset all this richness, we add thin ribbons of kale (super sweet this time of year) and thin-sliced onions.

The Bridgewater is back secretly today on the app, launching tomorrow for the general public. Sadly the Charlie Horse Tavern closed in 2016 so you’ll have to come here to taste the memory : (

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