Quick lunch in-testing at CloverKND

By Lucia January 21, 2020

We’ve been trying to think of ways for you all to eat more soup.

Paul and Elizabeth’s is a family restaurant in Northampton that Ayr loves. They do something called a Quick Lunch – for $9.50 you get a salad, a soup, a dinner roll, and a tea! The “quick” part isn’t a lie – all the item are pretty easy for the staff to grab and get out quickly.

We’re going to test our version starting at lunch tomorrow at Clover in Kendall Square. We’re thinking a bowl of hearty vegetable soup. Our greens salad we’ve been playing with. A pita rubbed with zaatar. No tea in this version, but that could be fun to play with in the future.

Price will be on the low end, we’re thinking $9.50, just like Paul and Elizabeth’s. And you can substitute a different soup if you prefer the Roman Tomato or the Spicy Coconut Lentil.

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