Quick Lunch

By ayr January 23, 2020

I wanted to get a picture up of the Quick Lunch from P&E (pictured). Lucia beat me to announcing the Quick Lunch because she’s so… quick!

If you haven’t noticed, this is at Clover KND (Kendall Square) as of yesterday. In testing. A bowl of Hearty Vegetable Stew, a salad featuring locally grown greens, a piece of pita bread topped with Zataar (a Middle Eastern Spice mix). Fast and filling. To be clear, the picture above is NOT Clover’s version. It’s a picture from Paul and Elizabeth’s, a restaurant in Northampton that is great from which the inspiration came. I ate there as a kid. Just visited last weekend with my family and I can confirm it’s still awesome.

All Clover restaurants in a few weeks (assuming testing goes well).

I want more people to eat soup as a meal. I’ve been working on this since the truck days, but so far we haven’t landed the trick. Sandwiches as meals, well that’s our business. Platters as meals, not far behind sandwiches. Soup as a meal… not yet.

Why? Because we’re all going to be healthiest and happiest when we’re eating the food that’s tastiest, packed with the most nutrition, and closest to the ground. Diets be gone. Let’s not count calories. Let’s focus on the nutrient load of our meal. From that perspective it’s almost impossible to beat a great soup.

Yesterday the Quick Lunch sold really well. Curious to see how that evolves going forward. Personally, I found myself craving it today and wanted to head back to Kendall to get one. Is this the way we get people to eat soup as meal?

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