So good someone drew a perfect Mr. Mushroom

By Lucia January 24, 2020

A few years back, Enzo brought us a sandwich called the Sunday Mushroom, based on the Sunday red sauce his Italian-American family would make. Super delicious but never reached the status of a JSP or a Brussels.

Then the other week, Chris Strange came to Food Dev with another take. Chris was inspired by toasted ravioli he had in St.Louis, MO. The “ravioli” is not made of pasta, but approximated through crispy mushrooms and a melty slice of provolone. There’s a blanket of marinara sauce, these new local greens we’ve been working on, and lemony vinaigrette.

We’ve been trying to test more and more items faster, so we shuttled this over to Kendall to see what everyone thought. The Mushroom Parm has been outselling the Chickpea Fritter and the Bridgewater (!!) every day since we brought it on. We passed out stickers for people to vote on a banner and there was a lot of passion. We even got a few (perfect) hand-drawn Mushroom Parm guys.

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