The licking spice

By Lucia January 27, 2020

The Pushpir sandwich is leaving us soon (next Tuesday) to make way for the Venezuelan Plantain. Which means our boxes of magical, smelly chaat masala will have to be sent back to the HUB, and that is sad.

Pushpir told us about chaat masala back in 2013 when he guided us through the world of North Indian cuisine. Chaat masala is very linked to snacking in India. It literally translates to “licking spice.” Ayr had a fun comparison: everyone in India knows the flavor of chaat masala, just like everyone here knows what Doritos taste like.

Chaat masala is tangy and funky and citric and savory. It has a super interesting past and a boiled egg smell (due to asefetida). We add it to jalapeƱos, fried chickpeas, pickled red onions, cabbage, cilantro, and lime to make a topping for the Pushpir sandwich. See if you can pick up on the chaat masala if you grab a Pushpir over the next few days (or ask one of us to show you the box and give it a whiff!)

We don’t want chaat to leave when Pushpir does on the 4th. I wonder what else we can put it on : )

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