Is Boston ready for a gyro?

By Lucia January 29, 2020

David (training manager) grew up on Long Island. If you’ve spent much time in NY, you know you can’t walk a block without seeing a gyro, rotating peacefully in a stainless steel cabinet. Can you say it: “yee-ro?”

Gyros are made of pork, beef, or lamb, stacked horizontally onto a rotisserie, studded with garlic, rosemary, thyme, oregano. The staff carves off strips vertically and layers them in a pita with tsatziki sauce, tomatoes, lettuce and red onions.

We’re going to be testing David’s sandwich starting tomorrow (Thursday) at Clover Back Bay. Boston doesn’t have as much of a Greek influence as NYC. Do you think it will be a hit anyway? Come by, bring a friend, give it a taste. Ask for Gonzo’s Gyro when you come in. David’s last name is Gonzalez, get it?

Gonzo’s Gyro is made with seitan. If it works out maybe we could install a seitan rotisserie in each restaurant!

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