Bridgewater Nation is growing

By Jane February 7, 2020


Ayr got us a new camera, and I’ve been playing around with close-up photos. I’m pretty proud of this one of the Bridgewater. You can almost taste those crispy mushrooms!

Our beloved Bridgewater leaves Tuesday the 11th to make space for a BRAND NEW MUSHROOM SANDWICH, the Mushroom Parm!

If you’re on the app you may have heard about this before your non-app friends. We’ve been playing around (carefully) with notifications. The last thing we want to do is annoy you. If you’ve been a fan of the Bridgewater for multiple seasons, you might have gotten a note saying it’s back on. If you “favorited” the Bridgewater, or if you ordered it recently, you probably got a text letting you know it’s leaving.

We’ve known since the start that the Bridgewater is a blockbuster – hands down one of our most popular mushroom sandwiches. But I was still surprised to see how much the fan base is growing. When we sent out our initial “Bridgewater is coming back!” message to app users, it went out to ~4300 Bridgewater fans. This past Monday I sent a “Bridgewater is leaving soon!” message out to that exact same group, only it had grown to ~5400 folks. That means 1100+ new Bridgewater fans on our app alone in just 3 weeks!!! See data below:

Pretty awesome. Goodbye Bridgewater!! You will be sorely missed (until next time you’re back on the menu.)

And if you’re a Bridgewater fan and want to get notified next time it’s back, head over to your app and pop a heart on that picture. If you don’t want to hear from us, you can tell us that too in your app account settings.

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