Naming sandwiches

By Lucia February 19, 2020

A new sandwich just started testing today at CloverKND. Chipotle mayo, cornmeal-battered crimini mushrooms, cabbage slaw, and a cilantro pesto that we all went wild for. The sandwich is from Jenny, an assistant manager in our kitchen who brought it to Food Dev recently. It’s based on the Baja-style fish tacos she loves to make at home.

Yummy sandwich. Time to name it. Problem is we already have a Baja Mushroom Sandwich, invented by Rob with a little help from his wife (if you’re a fan of that Baja, don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere). But we couldn’t have two.

We went through a few possible names and settled on the Mexicali Mushroom. It’s the capital city of the state of Baja California. And it kind of evokes the flavors of the sandwich? So get over to 5 Cambridge Ctr and try it out. Let Jenny know what you think of it. And let me know if the sandwich fits the name. Sometimes I feel the stress of a parent naming a child.

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