End of Gonzo Test

By Jane February 27, 2020

David’s original version of the Gonzo Sandwich – Jan 14, 2020

Customers at CloverBBY are probably already aware, but we concluded our Gonzo Sandwich test last week. It unfortunately wasn’t selling as well as we’d hoped.

David’s sandwich that he presented at food dev last month was AWESOME. Layers of thinly sliced, crispy seitan, tons of spices , creamy (vegan) tzatziki using almond milk yogurt and fresh herbs. But we ran into difficulty scaling the sandwich up for restaurant-sized levels of demand. We especially had trouble with getting the seitan just right – making sure it wasn’t too rubbery, that it was the right thickness, that it was being spiced and cooked correctly…

Ultimately although we loved the sandwich we had at food dev, and there were a lot of positive comments from customers who tried the sandwich, the experiment results just weren’t what we were hoping for.

Even though it didn’t work out, thank you so much David for bringing the Gonzo into our lives!! Hope this is the first of many sandwiches you champion at food dev. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

(And thank you BBY customers who helped us by trying this sandwich & sending in feedback!)

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