Mexicali testing updates

By Jane March 2, 2020

Our latest experimental sandwich is the Mexicali Mushroom – a Baja-fish-taco-inspired creation. If you come by KND any day after 11am we’re testing it there.

So how is it faring? Customers are saying it’s the best thing they’ve ever had at Clover. Wow. Repeat purchase behavior is one of the big things we look for in a new item test, and a lot of you are coming in to buy it a second, third, fourth time. Here’s a snippet from the survey we gave to folks ordering it on the app.

“This sandwich was phenomenal. It was by far my favorite sandwich I have ever had from Clover.” – customer comment on our Mexicali Mushroom survey

What’s even better though? We’re seeing specific suggestions on improvements. Chris and Olivia made 3 big changes to the recipe based on customer feedback, so if you grab a Mexicali today you might notice a few tweaks:

  • We bumped up both the heat and the acid (more lime juice, chipotle, and jalapeƱo) overall.
  • The cilantro pesto will now be on the bottom of the sandwich (or on the side for platters) to make it less messy.
  • We’re using a different vinaigrette for the jicama slaw to make it crisper and brighter.

Thank you Jenny for coming up with such an awesome sandwich. Thank you Kendall customers for helping us get the recipe to a place where folks are dreaming about it and coming back to order it day after day!

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