Farmshare signups are live!

By Lucia March 6, 2020

What is a farmshare? A farmshare is a box of veggies, or fruit, or mushrooms, or FOREST edibles (more on that in a future post). But it’s far more than that. A farmshare is a partnership between you and a farmer. You pay money in the spring, they use that money to grow food, you get a share of the bounty each week during the summer and fall. It’s cheaper than eating from the grocery store and the food is so much better.

Since 2011 we’ve been donating space at Clover as a pickup point for our favorite New England farmers. Today signups are live for the 2020 season. It’s our best season yet.

Sign up as soon as you can—we only have a limited number of shares available and they won’t last long. Never done a farmshare? Ask a friend who’s done one, or write to us and we can help you understand the joys of eating this way.

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