Rainbow carrot sandwich?

By Jane March 9, 2020

Queen’s Green Farm in Amherst called us a few weeks ago about a bumper crop of rainbow carrots. These carrots are beautiful – red, purple, orange, yellow, even white. We’ve been using them wherever we can. Carrot salads at lunch. Carrot marmalade at breakfast. Rainbows in your crudité cups.

One other obvious place to put carrots? The Carrot Sandwich of course!

We usually do this sandwich once a year, usually with these incredibly sweet orange carrots from Michael Docter at Winter Moon Roots Farm. But why not make the sandwich again in March, if we have the carrots to do it? And why not use rainbow carrots if we have a bumper crop to play with? That’s kind of the point of our menu database after all.

As you all know, we’re not all about appearances here, but we will admit that you eat with your eyes first, so we wanted to make sure the rainbows fried up well. Olivia and Chris were at the HUB the other day frying up rainbows to make sure this would work. They’ve determined that the rainbows need a slightly shorter frying time, and that the red, orange, yellow, and white carrots all work well. Not purple unfortunately. When fried, the purple ones look too dark and might get confused for being burnt (see lower left in the top photo.)

I even suggested we use red cabbage instead of green cabbage to truly make a RAINBOW Carrot Sandwich. They tested that too, and it looked too dark, so we’re going to stick with green cabbage.

So get ready for the Carrot Sandwich – with rainbow carrots! This will be replacing the Venezuelan Plantain starting Wednesday on the app, Thursday for the general public.

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