The mother ship is resting

By ayr March 18, 2020

Those were the words Chris texted me this afternoon. Pictured above is our “cooling” walk-in. It’s a relatively small walk-in fridge with oversized cooling and a series of glass doors. In normal operations it’s in and out. We pack it from the door side and empty it from behind. Sometimes we turn it 3 times a day.

All quiet now. Waiting patiently for everything to start back up.

I feel very grateful to all of our customers. We have some of the most amazing stories that have sprung up in recent days. We’ll find a way to share some of those. So touching.

And I feel very grateful to our staff. Chris and his team as well as everybody at the restaurants and those who support them. I couldn’t ask for more. You’re all pulling together like the family you are. It’s a really beautiful thing to witness. We’ll stay in close communication. We’re here for one another.

Looking forward to getting back at it. In the meantime we have a few activities to keep busy:

  • We’re helping Shirazi (a beloved distributor who helps get local products to Clover so that we can get them to you). Get yourself a “flat” of eggs (2.5 dozen), or some beautiful dairy products. Place your order for pick-up tomorrow morning. Bonus: Big bags of coffee to get you through the shut down from our favorite roasters.
  • I’m working on a live cooking show. We’re going to fire that up Friday I think. Stay tuned for details. Right now we’re working out the technical aspects of broadcasting lo-fi-style
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