Ayr made a Youtube channel – first video this afternoon!

By Jane March 23, 2020

With many restaurants temporarily closing, and with stockpiles of food/raw ingredients at home, a lot of folks are going to be cooking at home during this “hunker down” period.

But what the heck do you even do with dried beans? How do you make soup? Or bread? How do you recover from recipe errors, how do you fix cooking mistakes???

Whenever I talk to Ayr about home-cooking, his personal philosophy comes through loud and clear: simple recipes + simple ingredients + experimentation (not being afraid to make mistakes!)

And now you’ll get to learn from him too 🙂 At 3pm every day this week (Monday thru Friday) Ayr will be live-streaming an online cooking show on Youtube. We’ll keep an updated schedule of the show here on our website, and also email out updates to our newsletter list.

Episode 1 – “You can make bread”Subscribe to Ayr’s Kitchen
Monday, March 23 (today!) at 3pm EST
Ayr will be making a bread that rises without yeast – and calling special guest Richard Bourdon (big deal in the bread world!) to share his expertise on spontaneous fermentation and other bread topics.

All you’ll need to follow along are: water, salt, and flour. Any kind of flour should work but if you’re looking for a Clover recommendation (and looking to support local) – check out the options at Maine Grains. We use Amber’s locally-grown and -milled flour in our own baking at the restaurants. It’s really a beautiful product. And she’s given us a promo code for our customers – use “homecookingwithayr” for 10% off grains, flour, and legumes 🙂

You can subscribe to Ayr’s Youtube channel here. Stay tuned for updates on the episodes for the rest of the week (Ayr has a ton of ideas about breads, coffee, beans, pickles, soup…)

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