In Ayr’s Kitchen, Episodes 1-5

By Jane March 24, 2020

This picture is from a couple years ago, when we were filming a soup video at Ayr’s house – don’t worry, I’m not actually there right now! #socialdistancing

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Ayr’s new Youtube channel, go back and read this post I wrote yesterday. It explains a little bit more about what we’re doing 🙂

I’ll keep this post updated with the most up-to-date info about Ayr’s cooking show (for info on episode 6-10, click here)

Episode 1 – Impromptu brownies
Monday, March 23 @ 3pm
Video links – episode 1; bonus 1.1; bonus 1.2
Ingredients if you want to follow along
– butter
– granulated sugar
– eggs
– flour
– chocolate chips
– cocoa powder
– salt
– vanilla extract (optional)

Episode 2 – Coffee & popovers (ft. special guest George Howell!)
Tuesday, March 24 @ 3pm
Video links – episode 2 pt 1 – popover recipe; episode 2 pt 2 – coffee ft. George Howell
Ingredients if you want to follow along (click on the links for more details)
– coffee beans (we like George Howell, Speedwell, Little Wolf, and Tandem)
– coffee grinder (if you are using whole beans)
– coffee filter
– cone-style pourover device (we like Melitta and Kalita!)
– flour (white AP works best)
– sugar
– salt
– eggs
– whole milk
– butter
– popover pan or muffin tin

Episode 3 – Quick pickles (ft. special guest Michael Docter!)
Wednesday, March 25 @ 3pm
Video link – episode 3
Ingredients if you want to follow along (click here for more details)
– fresh veggies (this time of year, we recommend beets and carrots from local farms!)
– vinegar
– salt
– sugar

Episodes 4 & 5 – beans (ft. special guest Charlie Baer!)
Thursday, March 26 & Friday, March 27, both @ 3pm
Video links – episode 4, episode 5
Ingredients if you want to follow along (click here for more details)
– dried beans (we recommend Baer’s Best or Rancho Gordo)
– onion (leek, garlic, chives all work if you don’t have an onion right now)
– salt
– pepper
– oil (any kind)
– oregano
– for Boston Baked Beans (which Ayr will make on Friday) – molasses & powdered mustard

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