In Ayr’s Kitchen, Episodes 19-22 (Bread Week!!!)

By Jane April 20, 2020

This week’s shows are all about BREAD!!! We love Maine Grains and Plimoth Grist Mill for flour, grains, cornmeal, etc so if you’re looking to stock up and support a local business while you’re at it, we recommend checking out their online stores!

(PS – for Maine Grains, use promo code “homecookingwithayr” for 10% off your order of grain, flour, and legumes)

Check back here for updated program schedule, ingredient lists, and video links for this week’s episodes of In Ayr’s Kitchen – I’ll be keeping it up-to-date as we go along.

PREVIOUS EPISODES – episodes 1-5episodes 6-9episodes 10-13; episodes 14-18 (also all available on the Youtube channel)

Episode 19 – Sourdough starter (ft. Richard Bourdon of Berkshire Mountain Bakery!)
Monday, April 20 @ 4pm
Watch here
Ingredients to follow along:
– flour (any kind – Ayr will be using 50% white and 50% wheat
– water

BONUS – Fluffer Nutters (homemade fluff & bread)

Episode 20 – Simple white yeasted loaf
Tuesday, April 21 @ 4pm
Watch here
Ingredients to follow along:
– flour (white AP)
– yeast
– water

BONUS – Matzo – interview with Rabbi Barry Dollinger of Lighthouse Kosher & Mitzvah Matzos
Wednesday, April 22 @ 4pm
(no regular show today – back on Thursday!)

Episode 21 – Sourdough starter refresh
Thursday, April 23 @ 4pm
Watch here

Episode 22 – Sourdough shape & bake (and maybe sourdough pizza!)
Friday, April 24 @ 4pm
Watch here

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