In Ayr’s Kitchen – new website!!

By Jane May 4, 2020

Can’t believe it’s already been almost a full month of Ayr’s Youtube cooking show. When we started we honestly weren’t sure how much interest there would be. But the support has been amazing!! A ton of folks are tuning in regularly, and we’re getting tagged in a lot of photos of your at-home cooking creations (check out our Instagram for some of these!) We’re almost at 1800 subscribers for the channel! And Ayr’s videos have been viewed almost 25 THOUSAND times. Wow.

So Ayr figured it would be simplest to consolidate all of the In Ayr’s Kitchen content (recipes, schedule, etc) in a separate website. It’s officially up and running! Check it out:

Find links to all the videos, RECIPES, and scheduling. And you can join our In Ayr’s Kitchen-specific email list to get the latest updates.

And join us today at 4pm for episode 27 – whoopie pies!

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