July 4th grill boxes were a big hit

By Jane July 2, 2020

These started out as one of those “hey wouldn’t it be fun…” ideas. But it’s turned out to be a big hit – we completely sold out of our Veggie and Post-Meat Grill Boxes that we made specially for 4th of July weekend!

So we’ve decided to add both boxes to the Clover At Home menu full-time as a summer seasonal special 🙂 Check them out now on the Clover app. Our next pickup/delivery is on Tuesday the 7th.

Ayr’s dropping an episode of In Ayr’s Kitchen (yes! he’s still doing his quarantine cooking show!) to go over grilling tips. So whether you are getting a Clover grill box or not, please feel free to tune in, live at 4pm today!

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