Bridgewater is back at lunch Wednesday 7/15

By Lucia July 14, 2020

As we ease back into a full menu, we’re bringing back mushroom sandwiches that rotate seasonally. If you’re new to Clover, the Bridgewater has glazed crimini mushrooms, a jalapeƱo cream cheese, thinly sliced red onions and kale.

You can order the Bridgewater starting at 11am tomorrow at Burlington, Central Square, Inman Square, Kendall Square, Harvard Square, Longwood Medical, Back Bay, Westford and Sudbury.

Joe Czajkowski Farm in Hadley is harvesting kale and we’re cutting it into ribbons to top the sandwiches. If you want to do this at home, stack your kale leaves, cut off the tough stem part where the stem meets the leaves, then roll up the leaves into cylinders and slice crosswise through them). You can “massage” your kale prior to eating it to get it a little bit softer.

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