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By Jane July 22, 2020

Lucia, Ayr, and I were talking recently about older forms of marketing: posters, flyers, mailers, word of mouth. What people now call grassroots. And it made me wonder – we’ve been looking for a couple things lately – can our community provide? So I put out a couple of “calls for help” on social media this week. Interested in seeing how effective (or ineffective?) this will be…

So in case you don’t follow us on social (we’re @cloverfoodlab on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by the way!), here’s what we’ve been looking for. Maybe you can help, or know someone who can help!! If you do, please email me ( 🙂

1) Help us spread the word about our Meal Box program

If you’re part of a Massachusetts-based community (e.g Facebook or other online group, parents’ group, running club, church, synagogue, etc) that you think would be interested in trying our new Meal Boxes, email me for the chance to get a promo/gift to share with your community!

2) Help us take photos of the Meal Boxes in “real life”

Social distancing has made it hard for us to photograph our new Meal Box menu in real life. We’re looking for a couple photographers who love food, have friends/family/roommates to eat with, and would be interested in doing some Meal Box photoshoots in exchange for some free food 🙂 Looking for folks with an eye for candid human pics, some food styling skills, and ability to share high res images with us. If you know someone who would be a good fit, have them email me! And if you’re one of the 1600+ folks who have ordered a meal box in the past few weeks and happen to have a nice photo on hand that you don’t mind sharing, we’d love that too – thank you!!

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