Hi from Ayr (employee email)

By ayr September 11, 2020

Hi everybody!

I hope you are all well. I’m sending this note to everybody, including those of you who were working with us pre-COVID. I wish everybody was back. We’re doing our best. But I know some of you have had to look for other jobs. I want you to all know that we still consider you part of the Clover family. We’re extended Clover employee discount through end of year to everybody who was an active employee when COVID hit. Note this includes the Boxes. Let’s eat!

I want to return to something we announced a while back. Election Day this year (Tuesday 3 November) is going to be treated as a paid holiday by Clover. Nobody will be required to work. Go out and vote. Or better yet go work a poll (and vote). Let’s get climate deniers out of office. We all need to exercise our rights if we want this country to achieve its potential.

DO THIS NOW: https://iwillvote.com

CONSIDER SIGN UP TO HELP POLLS: https://www.workelections.com

Thanks everybody!

Ayr Muir

Founder, CEO Clover Food Lab

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