What you want, when you want, where you want

By ayr September 11, 2020

When COVID hit I got the chance to step back and look at Clover in some very high-level ways. I realized something in those first few weeks that felt like a bit of a revelation for me.

A Clover Meal costs approximately $10
If we take away the ability to choose from a range of options it would cost $7
If we take away the ability to choose when you want your food it would cost $4

Same quality. Same taste. Same sourcing. Same profit to Clover.

We’ve come out of a period of amazing prosperity. And we’re living in a very advanced economy. We’ve come from a place where people adapted to what was available to a place where we all expect the world to adapt to what we want. Is this a good thing? Are we more or less satisfied in this new fully custom world?

It certainly brings a lot of cost.

This is why our boxes have been pre-set. We haven’t allowed customizations. Of course we could do that but the cost of covering the extra waste and labor would have to be added to the box and we wanted to make something so affordable it could compete with groceries.

We’re launching a set of new mini-pre-made boxes that can be combined to build your own. I’m hoping this might strike a balance that allows people to get more of what they love the most while avoiding the cost and waste inevitable with fully custom offerings.

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