First light, bagels, burritos and MIT

By ayr September 29, 2020

Blue and I developed a little routine last fall. When Surfline says the conditions are right, we wake up really early and get down to Narragansett before first light. That’s when the sun hasn’t yet risen but light is just starting to reflect off the atmosphere. It’s a magical time. We get in the water and surf. We are never ready to get out, but we pull ourselves out of that beautiful water because we’re exhausted, hungry, and Blue has to get to school. We always stop in at Rebelle Artisan Bagels in Providence.

Milena, who started Rebelle, is a fellow MIT grad. Her bagels are dreamy. She uses local grain. And she makes almost everything in house. She has a cashew cream spread that is a vegan stand-in for cream cheese. And I prefer it. And I say this as a cream cheese on bagel lover. 

I learned to surf in Ventura when I was working for Patagonia. It was one of the reasons I wanted to work there.  I grew up in the woods in New England but I always thought I would love surfing. And I do. I’m not great at surfing, but Dan Malloy told me the best surfer is the one smiling the hardest. 

I love that sentiment. And it’s so easy to forget. Especially right now. Do something you enjoy. Find joy in the thing you are doing. You’ll make some beauty in the world.

The breakfast burritos I ate post-surf in California have now become bagels. And we’re bringing some of that magic up to you. The first people who order Clover Meal Boxes this week get a little gift of 2 bagels and some Mexican Street Corn cream cheese (yum!!). And we’re going to make Milena’s bagels available as a stand-alone purchase through our meal box menu. If you’re like me you might make this a weekly routine.

There aren’t may MIT grads in the food business. We need to stick together ; )

But I think both Milena and I are idealists trying with all our might to tilt the food system in a different direction. One Chickpea Fritter Sandwich and one Bagel at a time.

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