Sticky Buns for Everyone!

By ayr October 1, 2020

Who wants a sticky bun!!! The first 200 customers to order meal boxes right now will get Flour’s famous sticky buns as a little gift tucked into their box.

When I was growing up Birthdays were defined by sticky buns. My dad would get them started the night before then wake up early in the morning to have warm sticky buns waiting for birthday breakfasts. I didn’t matter what day of the week, or how busy my parents were (they were teachers so they were always overstretched). The sticky buns were a tradition I could always count on.

I believe that when food tastes really delicious it’s because somebody is sharing some of their love with you. It’s a beautiful gift. Thank you Joanne and the folks at Flour for sharing your love with all of us.

Sticky buns are a family tradition for birthday breakfast since I can remember. The ones in the photo were made with Joanne’s recipe of course.

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