First Club member news digest

By Jane October 2, 2020


  • 6 new people have joined the Clover Meal Club this week, bringing our total membership to 29 of you! We quietly turned on the Meal Club a couple weeks ago, and haven’t promoted or marketed about it just yet, but if you’re loving your experience so far please feel free to share with your friends!


  • This week we said goodbye to the Sharan and Heirloom Tomato sandwiches and hello to one of our all-time favorites, the Japanese Sweet Potato sandwich
  • Paw paws are on the horizon – look for this rare fruit in sodas and desserts soon (unfortunately knowing exact timing is tricky, it all depends on our elusive paw paw farmers and how their harvest is going)
  • Speaking of desserts… we’re bringing desserts to the restaurant menus! Next week look for brownies, seasonal mousse, shortbread, olive oil cake, and pistachio halva. All sweet treats made in house.
  • And coming up – the Delicata Squash Breakfast Sandwich! I’ll update you on timing as soon as the schedule is confirmed. This is my personal favorite seasonal breakfast sandwich – smoked cheddar cheese, soft-boiled egg, and roasted delicata squash.


  • This week we added a few new offerings to the Meal Box menu – a Vegan Box for 2- or 4- people, a Fall Seasonal Box for 2- or 4- people, and a “Build Your Own” Japanese Sweet Potato Sandwich box! You can find these in the “Boxes” tab of the app (right in between “Menu” and “Club”)
  • You’ll be seeing more about this in the next few days, but just to give you all a heads up – we’re going to be including Mini Sticky Buns in the first 200 meal boxes we sell for pickup/delivery next week, courtesy of Chef Joanne Chang and her team at Flour Bakery 🙂
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