Club member news digest: Friday Oct 9

By Jane October 9, 2020


  • We quietly turned on the Meal Club a couple weeks ago, and haven’t promoted or marketed about it just yet, but I’m so happy to share that we already have 35 club members!! If you’re loving your experience so far please feel free to share with your friends!


  • Ann of Autumn Hills Orchard just dropped off some freshly picked Cortlands which you’ll see in apple compote (with dessert and breakfast), and in sodas. We are going through our last few crates of local peaches, and then will be transitioning to these amazing apples.
  • Paw paws are here! They are a little too small for our dessert paw paw custard this year but you’ll see them in Paw Paw Soda at the restaurants. And for the first time ever we are selling whole, fresh paw paws as part of the Meal Box program.
  • For any long-time lovers of the Impossible Sausage Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwich, you may have noticed a slight change in the sausage patty recently. We’ve switched to a pre-made Impossible Breakfast Sausage patty for this sandwich – after a bunch of taste tests, we concluded that not only was it texturally a better experience in the sandwich, it also holds up better structurally when cooked! The new sausage is more like a traditional breakfast sausage – juicy, sweet and lots of black pepper. 
  • Chris (our VP of Food) is working on making sure we’ll have enough kosher smoked cheddar for our upcoming blockbuster seasonal sandwich, the Brussels Sprout! Stay tuned – I’ll try to let you know as soon as we know when we’re going to release this sandwich (my personal favorite).


  • Our Mini Sticky Bun gift with Chef Joanne Chang and the team at Flour Bakery has been a huge hit! We’re going to officially announce this tomorrow, but just so you all know first – Joanne and Ayr agreed to extend this gift by an extra week so that more folks get a chance to try the mini stickies 🙂
  • Starting Monday, we’re teaming up with Union Square Donuts to sell a box of 1/2 dozen assorted donuts as an add-on for our Meal Box menu. We’ll officially announce this next week and the first day you’ll be able to get a box of donuts picked up/delivered from Clover is Thursday Oct 15.
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