Club member news digest: Friday Oct 23

By Jane October 23, 2020

I am so excited to share that we gained 20 new members over the past 2 weeks and are now at 51 Clover Meal Club members. Welcome, everyone! So glad to have you here!! I’m trying to post updates here regularly so that you’re tuned in to the latest happenings at Clover.


  • Just a couple weeks ago, we added Desserts to our restaurant takeout menus – house-baked fudgy brownies, crumbly shortbread topped with lemony sumac, our super-moist olive oil cake, and sesame/pistachio halva. These desserts are now officially included in the Meal Club! They are considered a side (so anyone who has a lunch + sides plan right now should be able to order them with Meal Club credit!)
  • We’re going to announce this officially in our newsletter tomorrow, but I wanted to let you know first that we are re-opening our Downtown Crossing location at 27 School St! Our first day will begin at 11am on Thursday Oct 29 (also Clover’s 12th birthday). After that hours will be 7am-8pm every day of the week. If you visit us on opening week, say hi to Jasper!
  • Our breakfast muffins are getting a seasonal update. The Plimoth Corn muffin will remain, but the Maine Blueberry muffin is going to get swapped out for a Pumpkin Pecan muffin – roasted pumpkin puree, toasted pecans, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove (still vegan)
  • Lucia just designed some new patches for our Clover uniforms. That’s the photo you see up at the top of this post. You’ll start seeing these on employee hats this weekend! Also, Clover is making Nov 3 a paid holiday for all employees so that everyone can go vote (woohoo! This does also mean that Clover will be closed on Tuesday Nov 3 – as a heads up)


  • Our birthday is coming up!! Clover turns 12 on October 29. To celebrate we are going to be giving out cupcakes just like we did in our earlier years. We’ll do cupcakes with our takeout orders, and also include cupcakes as a gift for our Meal Boxes that day 🙂
  • I just put a new item on our Meal Box menu! A 5lb (1/2 peck) bag of apples that you can get as an add-on 🙂 $10. The apples are from Autumn Hills Orchard in Groton. The varietals are Golden Russet (firm and mildly tart, kind of like a pear) and Empire (super juicy, super sweet.

You’ll probably see some more changes in the coming weeks. I’ll elaborate once final details are ironed out and things are in place. Goal is to maximize the variety and # of options from our menu that you can have as part of your Meal Club membership. Stay tuned for more details!

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