Advance notice: Thanksgiving Boxes are coming

By ayr October 26, 2020

Just a quick note to share with you all. Chris and I are working on Thanksgiving boxes for this year. I’m really excited about the offering that Chris is coming up with. Personally I’m looking forward to taking it easy and focusing a bit more on having fun with family this Thanksgiving.

We have a waitlist going here if you want to put your name in for a box right now.

Preview (not at all final! this is literally taken from my notes) menu:


Big meal or spread thanksgiving through the week
Mushroom loaf – with gravy and mashed potatoes
Mac and Cheese – Thomas Jefferson storywith kale or something? (Beet greens? Radish Greens?)
Acorn Squash and wild rice — native american stuff
Roasted Brussels – similar style to sandwich, topped with hazelnuts and smoked cheese
Scratch made MA cranberry sauce
Butternut squash soup
Mixed roasted nuts or chestnuts (Superior?)
Dinner rolls
Pie – who could we have make these? Petsi?

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