Vote Climate Deniers out of office! PS we’re closed Nov 3.

By Lucia October 29, 2020

We’re going to be closed on November 3 entirely (no restaurants, no meal boxes) so that our staff can vote or volunteer for the election. Everyone is getting a paid holiday.

If you’ve been by you may have noticed the crew sporting these badges. I realized we forgot to tell everyone what these stripes are about. Are they telling you to vote blue because there’s more blue on the patch? Well, not quite…

The graphic was made by scientist Ed Hawkins and shows the average yearly temperature of the Earth from 1850 to 2018. The industrialized livestock industry is one of the leading contributors to the RED. That’s where Clover comes in.

If you’re curious about the stripes, there’s a cool website where you can filter by state (here’s Massachusetts’ version).

Please make a plan to vote. We’re doing our part by getting you all to love vegetables, but we really need to get the climate deniers out of office.

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