Thanksgiving Boxes selling fast

By Lucia November 17, 2020

Our Thanksgiving Box (recently written up in Boston Magazine) is available for pickup or delivery to your door for the week of Thanksgiving.

Stuffing, mashed potatoes, walnut paté, glorious gravy, squash a million ways. All built to benefit MA farmers, millers, and bakers at this harvest season. Almost 400 of you have already pre-ordered. If you haven’t, you’ve got 5 more days (orders close 11/22). Click here to order.

But wait! You don’t have to wait til Thanksgiving to get this box. It can be used for one big feast, but it was also designed to work for an entire week of hearty meals. Rely on your oven to do most of the work while you stay cozy.

Most of the items are heat-and-serve, and they are endlessly combinable. Bubbling mac and cheese with frostbitten kale salad? A perfect Thursday night dinner. Mushroom walnut pâté with gravy and mashed potatoes? Your coworkers will salivate through the screen as you munch on your lunch.

And pumpkin pie?

We’ll leave it to Blue, who said, with joy and disbelief, “If you get this box you get a pie every time??!”

Yes, you do. It’s 2020. Eat pie for every meal.

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