Brainstorming for the holidays

By Jane November 20, 2020

We were absolutely blown away by the response to our Thanksgiving Box. Chris, Olivia, Jess, and their team are going to be making Thanksgiving dinner for over 1600 people next week!!

You might have heard we’re working on plans for December (we just started a waitlist for our Holiday Box)

Here’s a sneak peek (literally copy-pasted from Lucia’s brainstorm notes – none of this is set in stone yet)

  • Best hits from Thanksgiving box (stuffing, mashed potatoes, mushroom pate, whatever else is a huge hit)
  • Jason Bond croissants?
  • Milk and cookies (for Santa or for you!) – with Oatly?
  • Baked Camembert or other fun cheesy baked thing
  • St. Lucia saffron buns 
  • Plimoth sampe and special maple syrup from new leaf 
  • George Howell coffee  
  • Eggnog (or coquito) kit 
  • Challah
  • Sweet potato latke kit?
  • Medlar jam (sell whole bletted medlars separately?)
  • Could we get whole stalks of brussels (could be a cool visual)
  • Mulled cider kits with local apples and Curio spices?
  • Hot chocolate kits with vegan marshmallows? 
  • Popcorn garland for Christmas tree-making kit
  • Delicata breakfast sandwich kit
  • Christmas crackers for celebration 
  • Many Graces evergreen mini bouquet – this is in the works with Many Graces
  • Luminarias / paper lanterns w/LED candles 
  • Can we partner with some kind of online game thing that families could play together? Jackbox promo code? 
  • Italian Christmas cookies (Enzo!?)
  • Are there other cultures’ holiday traditions we’d want to explore?
  • New Years Box – collab with Sam from Backbar – appetizery things, Baer’s black eyed peas, canape style things
  • Ratatouille w corn muffin mix on top
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