When the leftovers leave the building

By ayr December 1, 2020

Ayr here. That’s me with my family getting ready to eat Clover Thanksgiving. 
We worked hard to build something that was delicious, affordable, and funneled money to MA farmers who encountered big challenges this year. Thanks to your support we were able to write checks to small businesses like Michael Docter (root veg), Ann Harris (apples), Czajkowski Farm (brussels), Plimoth Gristmill (cornmeal), Amber Lambke (wheat), Rhode Island Mushroom Co (mushrooms).

And we heard such sweet things from you all. 

But no matter how yummy your Thanksgiving meal was, there comes a time when eating leftovers is no longer quite as exciting. So if you’re feeling that fatigue, we’ve got a few recommendations from our meal box menu. Order by today at 5pm to get a box on Thursday. 

Here’s how I’m thinking about filling my fridge this week/weekend.

1. The Late Fall Box – has the most popular heat-and-eat items from Thanksgiving (Mac and Cheese, anyone?) plus easy-to-assemble Brussels sprouts sandwiches. 

2. The Build Your Own Section – order just what you need (reach $60 and delivery is free). In the world of Build Your Own, the Japanese Sweet Potato Sandwich lives! Plus Union Square DonutsSpaghetti and Meatballs and a Vegan Breakfast Box. 

3. The Starter Box – a compilation of the best-selling items from each of our boxes. After a rich Thanksgiving week, chickpea fritters with pickled veggies taste pretty good. 

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